Shandong Internet of Things Industrial Park

Shandong, China 2018
Project location: Shandong, Jinan
Building area: total construction area of 155,000
Project phase: master planning and design

The project site is located in Shengjing Street, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, Shandong Province (south side of Jingshi Road). The planned site covers an area of about 123,000 square meters (about 184.5 acres) with a total construction area of about 155,000 square meters. The project is planned to be a core technology enterprise cluster in the field of Internet of Things in Shandong Province, and become an influential IT technology application industrial park in Shandong Province and even the whole country.

Aiming at the transformation of high-tech “second-time entrepreneurship”, the project will transform the old and new kinetic energy of the Shandong provincial government, focusing on the development of high-tech modernized social service industry characteristic planning.

Master planning requirements:
The F.A.R of the industrial park is not less than 1.0;
The building density: not less than 35%;
The green space rate is not more than 15%;
The proportion of the plant front area is not more than 7%.
Provide mature and reasonable park design concept, construction scale, and provide overall layout, traffic organization, architectural form, overall effect, functional partition, landscape design, single building and many other solutions.