Benin Police Command

Benin 2018
Project location: Benin
Building area: total building area of 62,895 square meters
Project phase: in design

The project is designed to provide the police system of the Republic of Benin from all levels of the central to local police office buildings to improve the administrative, office and law enforcement conditions of the police system; and to provide a fully equipped police school to meet the views of teachers and students, teaching and living requirements.

The total construction area of the project is 62,895 square meters, including 4 parts: 1 Republic Police Command (total area of 6,671 square meters), 11 provincial police stations (total area of 5,456 square meters), and 155 local police stations (total area) 38,750 square meters), 1 national non-commissioned officer and police school (with a total area of 1,018 square meters).

The architectural design closely combines the comprehensive and specific needs of the Benin government and users, and the design maintains a good function, environment and image under the limited construction budget.