Suzaku Villa

Jilin, China 2017
Project location: Suzaku National Park, Jilin
Building area: 2,680 square meters of building area
Project phase: in design

The site is located in the Suzaku National Park. It is rich in natural resources. There is a lake on the east side, a retaining wall on the west side of the mountain, and abundant trees on the west side of the mountain. The natural scenery in summer is very beautiful. There is a current office building on the north side of the site. There are more windows for the proposed site, which has a direct impact on the privacy of the house. It is difficult to arrange the buildings in the north-south direction, and the main building is oriented east-west. The site is located in Jilin Province, with four distinct seasons, more snowfall in winter and a cold climate.

The architectural design makes the proposed building and the current hotel form a natural angle on the general plan, avoiding the interference of the hotel guest’s sight to the privacy of the proposed villa. The room (third floor) where the lake view can be seen is made transparent. The road still forms a clear axis relationship and uses a closed retaining wall to form a closed inner courtyard. Large areas of the window will be opened in the local area, other small windows will be opened according to the function, and the architectural style will be matched with the real shape to ensure the insulation performance of the building exterior wall and improve energy efficiency.

The first floor is the most direct place for the host to communicate with the guests. The soft and decorative accessories are mainly composed of cool and warm colors, reflecting the color and bright colors. It shows the warm atmosphere of the host’s hospitality. The second floor is the residence of the owner’s parents. In the color matching, try to use a more stable color system. The main material is mainly dark eucalyptus or cherry wood. In the choice of furniture, soft decoration and decoration, pay attention to a little decoration and workmanship. But don’t over-emphasize. The top floor is the space where the owner and the children live together. Here, the space becomes free and has no boundaries, the hard work becomes simple, the structure is perfectly exposed, and the beautiful outdoor view is unobstructed. The choice of furniture and soft furnishings are fresh. The garden space combines the flow of Chinese gardens with the silence of Japanese dry mountains and rivers, and with the changes of the four levels of Suzaku Mountain Park, the building’s place and nature are well integrated.