Ghana LA Hospital

Greater Accra, Ghana 2018
Project location: Greater Accra, Ghana
Building area: total building area of 16,150 square meters
Project phase: in design
Number of beds: 185 beds

The project is located in the Greater Accra province on the southern coast of Ghana and is a tropical rainforest climate zone. The hospital covers an area of 3.78 acres, a relatively regular trapezoid, about 71-97 meters wide from east to west and about 180 meters long from north to south. On the north side is the main road to the city, on the east side is the city branch road, and the municipal power supply and water source are from the east side road.

The new project will be rebuilt in situ within the existing campus. The total construction area of the courtyard is 16,150 square meters and the number of beds is 185. The project consists of a medical main building and an auxiliary function building. The main medical building includes: outpatient building, medical technology building, ward building, and logistics office building which includes equipment room, canteen, office and staff quarters, etc .

The main building is shaped like a beautiful white piano, playing a beautiful movement on the African continent.¬